Silverchair was from 1992 to 2011 a Australian rock band.


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In 1992, Silverchair was established in the coastal town of Newcastle, Australia, about 100 km north of Sydney. The band was called then "the Innocent Criminals".

Already at the age of 14, knew Daniel Johns (guitar, vocals) Chris Joannou (bass) and Ben Gillies (drums) to break through to the general public. The band won a contest called the "Pick Me" contest, set up by the radio station "Triple J". Their first single was "Tomorrow" and thus the trio scored a big hit. By their very young age it was only possible to act on holidays and weekends, because they were on a normal weekday just to be heard in the classroom. Soon the band released an album called "Frogstomp" out. It soon became the comparison with pulled, mainly because Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain , according to many on Daniel layman.

Freak Show[Edit]Edit

Two years after the release of the long-awaited successor to "Frogstomp" was released. This album was called "Freak show" and was still more violent than the first album, even though they were also clearly pop have influenced. The band himself defines itself by the dark sound and spoken texts. Finally freed from the classroom there was plenty of room for gigs. The band traveled around the world and did several large festivals to.

Neon Ballroom[Edit]Edit

After the release of "Freak show" and the long tour, the band decided to take a year's rest in 1998. A reason was not mentioned until singer/guitarist Johns announced that he suffered to the eating disorder anorexia nervosa . After the treatment was there working on a successor of "Freak show". The successor, that the name "Neon Ballroom" got himself defines itself by melodic pop/rock songs. Especially the distinct style of the music spoke to many, and the album became a big hit, especially in home country Australia. Many songs for Daniel had a personal charge, such as the single "Ana's Song" in which Daniel speaks about his eating disorder. Once again followed a tour, the longest he's ever had done. More than a year was played there for the general public.


After "Neon Ballroom" the band members decided to do. Daniel worked on a solo project with dj Paul Mac, while the other band members were looking for relaxation. In March 2002, the successor of "Neon Ballroom" was released, for the first time only in Australia. The successor was named "Diorama". For fans of Silverchair was a big turnaround. Daniel had already warned that there "probably many fans would drop out, but that there would be many new fans". The plate was still showing "Neon Ballroom" put together by the different styles. In Australia the band won a number of awards for the album.

Young Modern[Edit]Edit

Singer-guitarist Daniel married In december 2003 with the Australian pop singer Natalie Imbruglia. After a short period of rest Daniel picked up his solo career back on with dj Paul Mac, and released an album under the name "the Dissociatives".

In 2007 came after five years a successor of "Diorama", titled "Young Modern". In Australia it is the best-selling Silverchair album since "Frogstomp".

On 4 January 2008, Daniel Johns and Natalie Imbruglia in an official statement announced that they had split up after four years of marriage. The main reason is that they are by their mutual careers stayed in different parts of the world (mainly in Australia, Natalie Daniel mainly in England) and thereby had grown apart.

Plans for a new album[Edit]Edit

In 2009 known Silverchair works on a new album. Good news for fans, since there is no new material more after ' Young Modern ' has been released. In May 2010 the band five performances at the ' Groovin the Moo ' festival in Australia. They also performed at the ' Bass in the Grass ' festival.

End Silverchair[Edit]Edit

It will be the last achievement of Silverchair are. On 25 May 2011, one year after the last performances, for the time being to stop makes Silverchair known there. Released In a special mailing to fans the band to go on ' indefinite ' hibernation. The chance that the band comes back together in the near future, or gigs is going to give, it seems small. After 20 years turn out to be the band members drifted apart. Together they have therefore decided to pull the plug.




Band Members[Edit]Edit

Permanent members[Edit]Edit


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