Simone Mantia (in the neighborhood of Palermo6 February 1873 – Flushing25 June 1951) was an American composerconductortrombonist and Professor of Italian descent.


[hide]*1 early life

Life Course[Edit]Edit

Mantia got at the age of nine lesson for playing the althoorn and retired three years later over on valve trombone and Euphonium . In 1890 the entire family emigrated to New York City. He played in orchestras the trombone and trombone as harmony orchestras both in Euphonium. Playing the trombone (sliding) has he learned within 1 week in tutorial [1and he then applied successfully at the Orchestra of the Grand Opera House inBrooklyn. He also played in the Jules Levy and Schneider Bands sometimes the Euphonium and trombone. He studied Euphonium at the eufoniumsolist of Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore Band, Joseph Michele Raffayolo. After Raffayolo in 1896 died, his successor as eufoniumsolist in the famous Mantia band of John Philip Sousa. During the concert trip of the Sousa Band by Europe in 1900 he was even up to the Best euphonium player in the world chosen.

During this period he replaced within the Sousa Band sometimes the soloist Arthur Pryor on the trombone. Mantia also since then studied trombone at Pryor, to further improve his technique and was good friends with Herbert l. Clarke. In 1903 Pryor left the Sousa Band to set up their own band.Mantia left the Sousa Band in 1904 and played in the newly created Arthur Pryor's band for the next 20 years. In this band he was also chosen by Pryor to second conductor. Later he founded a private wind Orchestra was, of course, the Arcade on Orchestra, and their conductor. In the summer time this Orchestra has performed at the Arcade in the 1920s five years Pier in Asbury Park in New Jersey.

As trombonist he was in 1909 switched to the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and played in this function around 35 years. He worked from 1908 to 1915 Arturo Toscanini as legendary Chief conductor of this Orchestra. Within the Orchestra was Mantia appreciated and served the last 12 years as a personal manager. For a short time he worked as a trombonist in the Victor Herbert Orchestra and also worked on several recordings of theNew York Philharmonic Orchestra.

As Professor he still soloed along with the Cities Service Band of America under the leadership of Paul Lavalle during the 1939 World's fair in New York City.

The composer Mantia has written extensively for the renewal and extension of the repertoire of his instrument.


Works for wind Orchestra[Edit]Edit

  • 1905 Saxton Bus
  • Dance of the Honeybells 1906 , for band
  • 1908 Auld Lang Syne, for Euphonium (or trombone) and band
  • 1908 Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms, fantasy for Euphonium and wind ensemble (or trombone) [2]
  • The Southerner1908 for Euphonium (or trombone) and band
  • 1908 False Caprice Mars
  • 1909 Original Fantasy
  • 1913 Gloria March-Massa'sin the Cold
  • 1919 Robin Adair, Scottish fantasy with variations for Euphonium (or trombone) and band
  • 1921 Coming Thro ' the Rye
  • My Old Kentucky Home 1921 , for Euphonium (or trombone) and band
  • 1921 Old Folks Home
  • 1921 Polka Fantastic-Priscilla
  • Fantasy on masses in the Cold Ground, for baritone and wind Orchestra
  • Hercules, concert March
  • Grand Fantasy on "Old Black Joe" by E.C. Caryfor Euphonium (or trombone) and band
  • Queen of My Heart, Waltz
  • Valse Caprice "Priscilla" -dedicated to Jane Priscilla Sousa, the daughter of John Philip Sousa [3]

Pedagogical works[Edit]Edit

  • 1891 Daily Exercises for Clarinet and for the Use of Simone Mantia
  • The Trombone Virtuoso


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