Artist: Domenico + 2

Date Released: September 28, 2004

Label: V2

Produced By:


  1. Alegria Vai Lá
  2. Aeroporto 77
  3. Possibiladade
  4. Te Convidei Pro Samba
  5. Comigo
  6. Solar
  7. Sincerely Hot
  8. Felizes Ficaremos Na Estrada
  9. Você E Eu
  10. Telepata
  11. Tarde de Chegada
  12. Tema da Zorra
  13. Despedida


The Brazilian trio of Domenico Lancelotti, Moreno Veloso and Kassin has returned with the second album in their musical trilogy. Following the 2001 release of Moreno + 2’s Music Typewriter, Sincerely Hot is the brainchild of drummer, electronic percussionist, composer and “sound-scapist” Domenico Lancelotti (get it? Each member gets to head an album in the trilogy). The result is an experimental combination of samba, bossa nova, tropicalia, rock and electronica that is completely impossible to pigeonhole. This is really a record of exploration into the members’ musical heritage, mostly in samba and Afro-Brazilian music, and into experimental and uncharted musical worlds. It is individual to say the least, and insanely hard to describe. Each song flows easily into the next, yet every song is completely different from the previous. One minute you are listening to a quiet Brazilian ballad, the next you are blasted by screaming and fuzzed-out guitars. This is definitely a musical masterpiece, but also needs a few listens to really grasp. Accessible? Somewhat, but is more for the true music fan, who is willing to give it time to sink in. If you are into world, experimental or just plain different music, definitely give this a spin. Mpardaiolo