Sinthetic Alchemy
Sinthetic alchemy cover
Studio album by Khaos Faktory
Released February 8, 2009
Genre Industrial
Length approx. 40:00
Label A Dark Philosophy Records
Producer Mike
Khaos Faktory chronology
Sinthetic Alchemy
Sinthetic Alchemy 2.0
Twisted Fixes

Sinthetic Alchemy 2.0 is the second full-length release by North Fort Myers industrial-metal band Khaos Faktory. It is a remastered and expanded version of the band's debut album Sinthetic Alchemy (released by A Dark Philosophy Records in early 2008), and was released on February 8, 2009 on Khaos Records/JaDEd EyeZ Entertainment.


The second version of Sinthetic Alchemy was created due to multiple factors; but mostly, the band wasn't completely satisfied with the overall sound of the original, and thought the running time of roughly 28 minutes wasn't long enough for a full release. Sinthetic Alchemy 2.0 includes one new song, "Struggle", a cover of the Sepultura song "Refuse/Resist", which was renamed "Khaos A.D. (Refuse/Resist)", and a new remix of "Liberated" by hip-hop musician Sage. The running time was extended to approximately 40 minutes as a result of the newly-added tracks.

The disc also contains a hidden "stupid shit" track after the final song, "KCOK Radio, Episode 2", which was a second part to the fake AM radio show featured on 80-Proof Throwdown's album Trailer Park Rhapsody. The track was unlisted in the CD liner notes.

Khaos Faktory's lineup had changed significantly since the release of the first version of Sinthetic Alchemy, and these changes are represented in the CD's liner notes. Matt Pyro's bass track was removed from "Stoked" and replaced with Das playing bass. Also, Das' guitar track on "Liberated" were replaced by new lead guitarist Stoney's tracks, and Mike's guitars were re-recorded for the song.

The only three songs that remained unchanged were "Welcome To The Faktory", "Scratch" (which still features former lead guitarist Brian Freisen performing), and "All Good Things Must End".

Track ListingEdit

  1. Welcome To The Faktory
  2. Cattle
  3. Konflikted
  4. Stoked
  5. Scratch
  6. Khaos A.D. (Refuse/Resist)
  7. Liberated
  8. Struggle
  9. Turboslut
  10. All Good Things Must End
  11. Liberated (Sage Remix)


(band members)

  • Dave Spencer- vocals
  • Mike - guitars, programming, vocals on "Welcome To The Faktory" and "Khaos A.D."
  • Das - guitars, bass, programming
  • David "Stoney" Mustonen - lead guitars on "Liberated" and "Khaos A.D."

(additional musicians)

  • Brian Freisen - guitar noises on "Scratch"
  • Kat Rodriguez - keyboards on "Struggle"
  • Andre Livsey (aka Sage) - engineering and remixing on "Liberated (Sage Remix)"

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