Sister is the sixth official studio album by Sonic Youth released on SST Records in 1987. The album was produced by the band itself and became at the VPRO album of the year.


  1. "Schizophrenia"-4: 37
  2. "Catholic Block"-2: 25
  3. "Beauty Lies in the Eye" – 2: 15
  4. "Stereo Sanctity"-3: 47
  5. "Pipeline/Kill Time"-4: 32
  6. "Tuff Gnarl"-3: 13
  7. "Pacific Coast Highway"-4: 16
  8. "Hot Wire My Heart"-3: 21
  9. "Kotton Krown"-5: 05
  10. "White Cross"-2: 48
  11. "Master-Dik" – 5: 08 (CD bonus track, not on LP)

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