Artist: Scott McCaughey

Album: My Chartreuse Opinion

Appears On (Mixes): Aila's Mp3 Of The Week; Dub Club: Aila - Rarities Schmarities

Song Notes: Aila's Mp3 Of The Week: This is actually a bonus track from a reissue of Scott's (to date) only "solo" record, "My Chartreuse Opinion." For some reason they decided to label this record by The Minus 5 on the reissue (possibly to cash in on the REM connection, even though Peter Buck had nothing to do with this one and it was years before The Minus 5 even existed). In fact, most of the supporting cast on this one are The Young Fresh Fellows (minus Tad, the drummer - as the liners point out all too clearly). Anyway, the title says it all for this one... - Aila


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