Skillet - "American Noise" (Lyric Video)04:11

Skillet - "American Noise" (Lyric Video)

Skillet is a Christian rock band that formed in 1996.


Skillet's albums are: - Hey You, I Love Your Soul (released in 1998) - Invincible (released in 2000) - Alien Youth (released in 2001) - Collide (released in 2003) -Comatose (released in 2006) -Awake (released in 2009) -Rise (released in 2013)

Band Info

The Christian rock band Skillet first formed in 1996. The members of Skillet are Jen Ledger, John Cooper, Korey Cooper, Seth Morrison, Ben Kascia, and Lori Peters. Jen Ledger and Lori Peters are both on drums. John Cooper is the acoustic guitar. Korey Cooper is on guitar. Seth Morrison and Ben Kascia are both lead guitarists.

The album "Hey You, I Love Your Soul" include, Hey You, I Love Your Soul, Deeper, Locked In a Cage, Your Love (Keeps Me Alive), More Faithful, Pour, Suspended In You, Take, Coming Down, Whirlwind, Dive Over In, and Scarecrow. The album "Invincible" include, Best Kept Secret, You Take My Rights Away, Invincible, Rest, Come On To The Future, you're Powerful, I Trust You, Each Other, The Fire Breathes, Say It Loud, The One, You're In My Brain, and Angels Fall Down. The album "Alien Youth" include,Alien Youth, Vapor, Earth Invasion, You Are My Hope, Eating Me Away, Kill Me Heal Me, Thirst Is Taking Over, One Real Thing, Stronger, Rippin Me Off, Will You Be There, and Come My Way. In the album "collide" include, Forsaken, Savior, Open Wounds, Collide, A Little More, My Obsession, Fingernails, Imperfection, Under My skin, energy, and Cycle Down. In the album "Comatose" include, Rebirthing, The Last Night, Yours To Hold, Better Than Drugs, Comatose, The Older I Get, Those Nights, Falling Inside the Black, Say Goodbye, Whispers In The Dark, Looking For Angels. And Live Free or Let Me Die. The album "Awake" include, Hero, Monster, Don't Wake Me, Awake and Alive, One Day Too Late, It's Not Me It's You, Should've When You Could've, Believe, Forgiven, Sometimes, Never Surrender, and Lucy. The album "Rise" include, Rise, Sick Of It, Good To be Alive, Not Gonna Die, Circus For A Psycho, American Noise, Madness In Me, Salvation, Fire and Fury, My Religion, Hard to Find, What I Believe, Battlecry, Everything Goes Black, and Freakshow.

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