Sleeper was a Britpop band who was active between 1993 and 1998. The band consisted of Louise Wener (vocals, guitar), Jon Stewart (guitar), Diid Osman (bass), and Andy Maclure (drums). Sleeper was particularly famous in the United Kingdom. Hits included the InbetweenerWhat Do I Do Know?Sale of the CenturyNice Guy Eddie, and Statuesque. A cover of the song by the band Blondie 's Atomic appeared on the soundtrack to the film Trainspotting.

After the removal of the band went Louise Wener write books. Goodnight Steve McQueen was described by the press as "Bloke-lit written by a girl".



  • 1995- Smart
  • 1996- The it Girl
  • 1997- Pleased to meet you
  • 2007- Greatest Hits

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