Artist: Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players

Album: Adventures In Middle America Vol. II

Appears On (Mixes): Dub Club: Matt's 2005 Best Of -- Streets Named For New England Trees

Song Notes: I love the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, and I've been waiting patiently for their new record for some time. Like their first, it's been self-released first, before being (presumably) picked up by a label (perhaps Bar/None like the first?). This album has a bit more of a meta flavor, with more songs (like this one) being actually about the whole Slideshow Thing, rather than about the slides themselves. This one is an answer to all the people who say "Hey, here's some of my slides, you should write a song about me!" -- which, if you couldn't guess is "No, your family is boring and is not funny." Which may be harsh, but, you know, the truth usually is. -Rev. Syung Myung Me


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