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  1. A-Side
  2. B-Side


Slow Down Ghandi Single Edit

Label: Epitaph

Genre: underground hip-hop

Rating: 6.9 of 10

Underground hip-hop artist Sage Francis drops a preview from his upcoming album A Healthy Distrust on Epitaph records. Lying somewhere between the quick and sour rhymes of Sole and the emotion-soaked flow of Slug (the mc half of fellow Epitaph artist Atmosphere), Francis’s style is underground hip-hop that is polished and accessible enough for a curious mainstream audience. The single, “Slow Down Ghandi” is a bitter, political track (who would have thought?) backed by dirty, synth-driven beat. The B-side is yet another angry political song that is darker and resembles an Eminem track. It seems Sage Francis is going the way of Atmosphere, bigger label, bigger audience, bigger sound more aimed to please the masses.

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