Artist: Bonzo Dog Band

Album: Let's Make Up And Be Friendly

Appears On (Mixes): You're Giving Me Brain Damage!

Song Notes: I believe this is the last cut on the last Bonzos album, and it's a great mix of the pretty (the melody) and the creepy (the looped laughing over the entire thing). I figured that was a good way to end this, too, so here we go!

Also, while writing these, I'm listening to a live David Bowie record from 2000, and it's "Let's Dance" and man, I cannot hear this song without thinking of "Be In My Video". With Serious Moonlight. And Serious Leather. And Serious Chains. And Serious Pain.

Lesss' Dance dose BLOOOODS aggin! - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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