Sly Stone born Sylvester Stewart (Denton (Texas), 15 March 1943[1]) is an American musiciancomposer and record producer. He is best known as frontman of Sly & the Family Stone, a band that had an important role in the development of soulfunk and psychedelic music, in the second half of the 1960s and the first half of the 1970s.


[hide]*1 Biography


Beginning career[Edit]Edit

Sylvester Stewart was the second of five children. After his family of the Texan Dallas moved to the Vallejo California , founded his brother Freddie and their sisters Rose andVaetta, the gospel group The Stewart Four on, who acted in the Church and even released a single in 1952. On their oldest sister Loretta after, all the children from the family adopt the name Stewart Stone and become members of Sly & the Family Stone.

When he got older learned Sylvester some instruments, particularly the guitar, and became a member of some middelbareschoolbandjes. One of these bands was The Viscaynes, a Doo-Wopgroup, which on Sylvester and his Filipino friend, Frank Arelano after blank was. The fact that The Viscaynes were mixed, made the Group at their audience would be hip and the inspiration of the multicultural Family Stone. The Viscaynes released a few local singles in 1961 from and around this same period, Sylvester also some solo singles under the name Danny Stewart.

In the mid-sixties for the radio station KSOL Sly worked as a DJ in San Francisco and also as a record producer for Autumn Records and worked with bands from the vicinity of San Francisco, such as The Beau BrummelsThe Mojo Men and The Great Society. Around this time he took the stage name Sly Stone , and in 1966 he founded The Stoners , including Cynthia Robinson on trumpet. A year later, Robinson also joined the band Sly & the Family Stone, whose original members included Freddie Stone (guitar and vocals), Larry Graham (bass guitar and vocals), Greg Errico (drums), Jerry Martini (saxophone) and Rose Stone (piano and vocals). The band existed from the background vocals further Little Sister, including his other sister Fat Stone. Sly himself played guitar, organ and harmonica. Their debut single was I Ain't Got Nobody.

Sly & the Family Stone's success[Edit]Edit


Sly & the Family Stone , see main article.

Sly & the Family Stone were active between late 1966[2and 1975. The band is known as the first great American rock band with a multicultural cast. The band had a major role in the development of pop music in General and the American soul, funk, psychedelic music and hip hop and contemporary r & b later (R & B) in particular. They had in the United States five top ten hits, including Dance To The MusicEveryday Peopleand Family Affair, and four, according to popcritici, groundbreaking albums.

Personal problems and decline[Edit]Edit

In the fall of 1969 moved to Los Angelesfrom San Francisco Sly. Not long after the move came under much stress to Sly due to multiple causes; the record bosses, the Black Panther Party and other Black activist groups, who wanted aggressive music and Sly was a reflection of the Black Power movement, and also that Errico and Martini, the white band members, from the band will disappear, and finally, there were also personal conflicts in the band itself. Sly was given by the stress suffered from stomach ulcers and relieve all this he began administering itself for various types of drugs, especially cocaine and PCP.

Sly's intensive drug abuse soon began to affect his career negatively; He was notorious for missing interviews and concerts, and his behavior began became known for its rudeness, instability and unpredictability.Sly's friend Hamp "Bubba" Banks, a former pimp, his right hand and brought Street gangsters inside, that would be his bodyguards and personal managers. The band's fifth album, there's a Riot Goin' On, gave the good weather developments. Most of the album was in contrast to the earlier work not with the whole band at the same time, anticipated, but bit for bit, using overdubbing. In fact, took Sly most Parties for his own account and he sang more often the main vocals himself.

The unity of the band gradually began to crumble and Errico and Graham left the band. The later albums Fresh (1973) and Small Talk (1974) had even less influence of the band and even more influence by Sly.After a disastrous expired commitment in the New York Radio City Music Hallin January 1975, the band fell completely apart.

Later years[Edit]Edit

Sly Stone went four additional albums, which with the exception of High on You (1975) that under his own name came out, all under the name Sly & The Family Stone were released. He also collaborated withFunkadelic on the album The Electric Spanking of War Babies (1981), but he was no longer able to breathe new life into his career. Also he continued touring, with a backing band called The Family Stone.

In 1983 was Sly during a tour in a hotel in Fort MyersFlorida when the police without search warrant his hotel room binnenstormde. He was arrested in connection with cocaine use and his tour came to an end. That same year, he was sentenced to a drug rehabilitation centre, but Stone turned out to be never able to fully control his addiction. He did a short tour with Bobby Womack in the summer of 1984 and was sporadically heard on albums by other artists. In 1986 was to hear on the album Shockadelica Stone of Jesse Johnson, of The Time. In the video clip of the song, called Crazay was Stone to hear and see as a singer and keyboard player and the clip was occasionally played on the music channel BET.

In 1987 brought Sly Stone the single Eek-a-Boo Static Automatic out, pulled from the soundtrack of Soul Man. He also wrote and produced the song in 1989 fellow Just Like A Teeter-Totter by the Bar-Kays. At the end of that year, he was arrested again and he had to jail in connection with the use and possession of cocaine.

After his release he was with his career largely stopped Stone and a recluse. He still appeared on songs by Earth, Wind and Fire (Good Time), Bobby Womack (When the Weekend Comes) and on a cover of Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) of the Japanese band 13CATS. His last public appearance until 2006 was in 1993, during the interment of Sly & The Family Stone in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. To the surprise of everyone (including his former band members) he came on stage to put together with The Family Stone at to be in the Hall of Fame.

Reputedly lives Sly Stone in 2006 near Beverly Hills in the company of two female assistants, where he in his home studio to record and music seems to be still on his motorcycle rides. His son Sylvester Jr. toldPeople Magazine in 1997 that Sly has included material for several albums, including a tribute to Miles Davis. His son also said he was working to get back to kick, until then third try.

In 2003, the other six original band members of Sly & The Family Stone in the studio to record a new album. Stone was invited but declined.

In 2005 it became clear, according to its own website that Sly new material to writing and recording for Phunk Phamily Affair, the Sly & the Family Stone tribute band of his younger sister Vet Stone. Sly has also changed the name of that band in "Family Stone".

Freddy Stone told in February 2006 that the Family Stone ever can go touring that year, probably with Sly, with there to adding that his brother is very keen on the idea. Also the same year that friends and family members tell Sly pressure is recording new material and old band members call to sing for them.

On 8 February 2006 there was an ode to Sly & the Family Stone place on the Grammy Awards, where Sly gave his first musical performance since 1987. Along with the rest of the band (excluding Larry Graham) performed briefly on which were the headliners, Steven TylerJohn LegendVan Hunt and Robert Randolph. Sly came during the song I Want To Take You Higher on stage with among other things a giant blondMohawk and a thick sunglasses.

July 15, 2007, Sly on with his band during the North Sea Jazz Festival.

Private Life[Edit]Edit

Sly Stone was married to Kathleen Silva for five months in 1974. They stood that year on 5 June on the stage for 20,000 people during a Sly & The Family Stone concert at Madison Square Garden, New York City, and separated again on 30 October of that year, after the pitbull of Sly had attacked their son. His son Sylvester Bubba Ali Stewart, Jr., Silva and Sly itself, stand together on the cover of the album Small Talk. Sly also has a daughter, Sylvette Phunne Robinson, who he and the Family Stone Member Cynthia Robinson and born around the same date as Sylvester, Jr.

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