Artist: Frank Zappa

Album: One Size Fits All

Appears On (Mixes): The Boys And Girls Are Lifting Up Their Plates

Song Notes: Since Frank Zappa's one of those folks where Zappa fans tend to adore him and folks who aren't Zappa Fans, ahem, Are Not Zappa Fans, I thought I should probably have the second Mp3 of this week be not Frank Zappa as to not leave those folks out in the cold. However, dammit, this song is really, really pretty. This is the instrumental version from the first half of One Size Fits All, and it really is a gorgeous track. So I figured I'd go with this instead. It's one of those like "Peaches En Regalia" that I find it hard to believe that folks don't like (though I know Ben, who is Not A Zappa Fan also hates that as well as basically all the other Zappa he's heard (a/k/a, the Zappa I have forced upon him in my younger days—did you ever notice that new Zappa fans end up being all "HEY LISTEN TO ZAPPA YOU GOTTA LISTEN TO ZAPPA WHOAAA SHIT IT'S ZAPPA!!!!!!" which is probably one of the main reasons why Not Zappa Fans end up going from "Eh, I don't care for his music" to "ARRRGH SHUT UP I HATE ZAPPA! ZAPPA MUST DIE -- AGAIN!", so, um, sorry. I'm much better now. Although I suppose not MUCH better since I'm sending on two Zappa songs instead of breaking it up, but oh well, whatever. Although if there are any Non-Zappa Fans here who are thinking about making the plunge and actually going to try one of these only to have it confirm that you don't like Zappa, this one's probably the better one to get. The vocal version (which I thought about posting) is equally pretty, but a little undermined by its goofiness, since it's in over-the-top operatic fake (or, actually, probably fake-sounding-but-real) German. Which is a little bit of a turn-off, despite the kinda-prettiness of the translated lyrics, too.

Don't worry, there'll be something not-Zappa next week. -Rev. Syung Myung Me