Solstice is an American death metal band from Miami, Florida. They were formed in 1990 by drummer Alex Marquez and guitarists Rob Barrett and Dennis Munoz. The band has released three albums on Steamhammer Records. The band has now reformed and recently recruited Ryan Taylor to take care of singing and rhythm guitar duties. Solstice is currently set to embark in a U.S. tour and are in the process of recording a new album.


Current members
  • Dennis Muñoz - guitars
  • Alex Marquez - drums
  • Ryan Taylor - guitars, vocals
  • Josh Gibbs - bass
Former members
  • Rob Barrett - guitars, vocals
  • Brian Harris - drums
  • Dave Smith - bass
  • Mark Van Erp − bass
  • Garrett Scott - bass
  • Doug Williams - bass
  • Christian Rudes - guitars, vocals


  • Demo 1991 (1991, Self-released)
  • Solstice (1992, Steamhammer)
  • Pray (1995, Steamhammer)
  • To Dust (2009, CXD Media)


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