Artist: Doves

Date Released: March 1, 2005

Label: Capitol

Produced By:


  1. Some Cities
  2. Black and White Town
  3. Almost Forgot Myself
  4. Snowden
  5. The Storm
  6. Walk in Fire
  7. One of These Days
  8. Someday Soon
  9. Shadows of Salford
  10. Sky Starts Falling
  11. Ambition


Damn I really loved the Doves last album, The Last Broadcast. I sure am glad they are releasing the same album again! (sarcasm) The follow up to the British trio’s critically acclaimed album is without a doubt a quality outing, but where is the progression? Where is the expansion of their sound and exploration into new ideas? Some Cities sounds more like b-sides than anything else; it could have been released 2 years ago, a week after TLB. I wouldn’t really complain so much since it is a decent formula that they have, but they really could be so much more. It is without a doubt British rock, with tendencies towards psychedelia and pop music. It is extremely well written, composed and performed, though a bit overproduced and I am not too fond of the artwork. But I really just cannot get over how much it sounds like the last album. Hmmmm… if you have never come across the band before definitely check them out. This should please most old fans also, especially if you are afraid of change. Mpardaiolo

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