File:Somedaynick2 200.jpg
File:"Someday" - Nickelback

Someday features a woman who bursts into tears after reading a newspaper with someone who appears to be her boyfriend close by her side. As she leaves the house with a suitcase, we can see the boyfriend stepping into spilled milk without leaving any traces or footprints. Later in the street, the woman leaves crying in her car while the boyfriend is apparently trying to convince her to come back, but she doesn't notice him and just cries more. She drives off and as she looks into her rear-view mirror, she can only see an empty street where her boyfriend was standing only seconds ago. The boyfriend chases her through the street and catches up to her car but only to witness a semi-truck crashing into it at the last second, killing her in front of his eyes. Her spirit resurrects and she can be seen walking from the crowd of spectators to her boyfriend and smiling. The two reunite with tearful hugs and they walk away together. As they pass a newspaper vending machine, the news reveals that it was her boyfriend who died in another accident the day before. Therefore it can be said that the reason nobody can see, hear, or notice him is because he was just a spirit from the previous accident at the time.

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