Creator of the Mix: BuffaloBillsFan

Initial Notes About The Mix: I also love GBV, so I made a mix of the best Guided By Voices songs.


  1. "I Am A Tree" (Mag Earwig!)
  2. "Teenage FBI" (Do The Collapse)
  3. "Game Of Pricks" (Alien Lanes)
  4. "Everywhere With Helicopter (Universal Truths And Cycles)
  5. "Hardcore UFOs" (Bee Thousand)
  6. "Echos Myron" (Bee Thousand)
  7. "We've Got Airplanes" (King Shit & The Golden Boys)
  8. "Watch Me Jumpsuit" (Alien Lanes)
  9. "All American Boy" (Cool Planet)
  10. "Zero Elasticity" (Motivational Jumpsuit
  11. "She Lives In An Airport" (The Bears For Lunch)
  12. "You're Not An Airplane" (Bee Thousand)
  13. "Striped White Jets" (Alien Lanes)
  14. "Waving At Airplanes" (The Bears For Lunch)
  15. "Scissors" (King Shit & The Golden Boys)
  16. "The Best Of Jill Hives" (Earthquake Glue)
  17. "The No Doubters" (Cool Planet)
  18. "The Unsinkable Fats Domino" (Let's Go Eat The Factory)
  19. "Zoo Pie" (Do The Collapse)
  20. "Bad Love Is Easy To Do" (Cool Planet)

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