The Solo
The Solo Cover
The cover of "The Solo"
EP one by Something In Existance
Released Release: September 22, 2010
Recorded February 2009 - September 2010
Genre Alternative
Length 16:04
Language English
Label Independent
Producer Lex Groh
Compiler Lex Grow
SIE's Demo/EPs chronology
Demo! The Solo

The Solo is an album by "Something In Existance". It was Lex's first solo project. It is still in the demo stage like their last album. They are random demos Lex made in the absence of the other members. They are also all instrumentals.

Lex has also promised for this to stay free. Downloads are Mp3's, standard quality, from MediaFire.

Track listingEdit


# Title Writer Download Length
1 What I Get Lex Grow TBA TBA
2 Spinning Lex Grow [1] 3:45
3 Walking Up Lex Grow TBA TBA
4 As They Die Lex Grow [2] 2:53
5 Get Away Lex Grow TBA TBA


Lex Groh - Keyboards, Guitar, Percussion, Bass Guitar, Producing, Publishing, Engineering, etc. (AKA Everythong)

Further ReadingEdit

Lex's YouTube:
Lex's Facebook:!/profile.php?id=100000981895710

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