Songs from Lynchland, Vol 1
Soundtrack by Liam Lynch
Released August 8, 2006
Recorded  ???
Genre Alternative Rock, Punk Rock, Comedy Rock
Length 33:55
Label 111 Productions, inc.
Producer Liam Lynch
Liam Lynch chronology
How to Be a Satellite
Songs from Lynchland, Vol 1
More Songs from Lynchland
Songs from Lynchland, Vol 1, also simply known as Songs from Lynchland, is an album by Liam Lynch and acts like a type of "soundtrack" for the first nine episodes of Lynchland. A few of the tracks come from other Liam Lynch albums, such as We're All Nighters, Fake Songs, and How to Be a Satellite.

Track ListEdit

  1. Gimme a Ride
  2. Giddy Up Flash
  3. Two Frogs
  4. This Town Sucks
  5. Your Head
  6. Crown
  7. We're All Stars
  8. Try Me
  9. Songs for Animals
  10. Ali Gator's Good Eats
  11. We're All Nighters
  12. Wizard
  13. Great to Be a Dolphin
  14. Internet Killed the Video Star
  15. On Waves Low and High
  16. When We Sing


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