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Eyeshine - Sonosis
Studio album by Eyeshine
Released November 24, 2011
Genre Rock
Edge Rock
Indie Rock
Length 47:08
Language English
Label Independent
Producer Johnny Yong Bosch
Lyrics Lyrics Wiki
Eyeshine chronology
XMAS (2011) Sonosis (2011) Sansvox (2011)

Sonosis is an instrumental album by edge rock band Eyeshine, released on November 24, 2011. Over the course of two years, these tracks were created between production and songwriting projects combining live instrumentation and droning guitar into an atmospheric musical blend.


Track Song Writer(s) Length
1 Ascent Johnny Yong Bosch 3:47
2 Harmony Johnny Yong Bosch 4:20
3 Consilium Johnny Yong Bosch 3:46
4 Guide Me Johnny Yong Bosch 2:47
5 Obdura Johnny Yong Bosch 3:53
6 Luminous Johnny Yong Bosch 4:14
7 Sojourn Johnny Yong Bosch 3:05
8 Emergence Johnny Yong Bosch 3:49
9 Prelude Johnny Yong Bosch 3:35
10 Dentro De Johnny Yong Bosch 3:14
11 Sanctify Johnny Yong Bosch 3:19
12 Dissonance Johnny Yong Bosch 4:08
13 Resolution Johnny Yong Bosch 3:20

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