Artist: Venice is Sinking

Date Released: June 20, 2006

Label: One Percent Press

Produced By:


  1. Pulaski Heights
  2. Tours
  3. Undecided
  4. Adropolis
  5. Arkansas
  6. Buried Magnets
  7. To Your Ghost
  8. Curtains
  9. CSX
  10. Blue by Late


Why Athens, Georgia breeding so many indie-pop bands I’ll never know… probably too many flowers and too much southern hospitality. The five-piece Venice is Sinking is no exception to this phenomenon, creating an indie-pop heavy on the strings and sentiments. Like Ida with more jangle and Americana, they enlist male/female vocals to front the lush instrumentation and thick atmospheres surely reminiscing of Athens’ humidity level. Engineered by Chris Bishop (Macha, Circulatory System) and mastered by T.J. Lipple of Aloha fame, Venice is Sinking has a definite pop sound, probably tuned by the aforementioned, but it is a bit darker than most of the material from that area. The vocals/lyrics are forgettable, but are buried deep in the mix, so they work more as an accentuation than a focal point, which works favorably for the band. A strong debut for the young scenesters, but they’ll need a more individualistic sound to create a healthy buzz. Mpardaiolo

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