Date Released:September 24, 2001

Label: Dreamworks

Produced By: E & John Parish


  1. Dog Faced Boy
  2. That's Not Really Funny
  3. Fresh Feeling
  4. Woman Driving, Man Sleeping
  5. Souljacker, Pt. 1
  6. Friendly Ghost
  7. Teenage Witch
  8. Bus Stop Boxer
  9. Jungle Telegraph
  10. World Of Shit
  11. Souljacker, Pt. 2
  12. What Is This Note?


This is the album E did with John Parish and it's by far the best of his career. Just an outstanding album from stem to stern. A much more hard-rockin' album than the other eels records, and it is all the better for it. Lots of really cool, gritty production, built around excellent songwriting. A lot of deceptively complex melodies as well. There's a LOT going on with this record. This is one of those albums that shows why eels have such high-profile fans as Tom Waits. This one is essential. Basically everyone should own this. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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