Artist: Big Satan

Date Released: July 27, 2004

Label: Thirsty Ear

Produced By:


  1. Ce Sont les Noms des Mots
  2. Hostility Suite
  3. Geez
  4. Rampe
  5. Emportez-Moi
  6. Deadpan
  7. Mr. Subliminal
  8. Property Shark
  9. Plaintain Surgery


Big Satan is Tim Berne (alto saxophone), Marc Ducret (guitar), and Tom Rainey (drums). Souls Saved Hear is a pure collaboration of the three artists with no set leader, each brining their individual talents to the overall composition. The result is the quality jazz you come to expect from Thirsty Ear. While their sound is clearly avant-garde jazz, it leans toward accessibility without straying away from the spirit of the genre. Throughout the album each of the trio continually try to out do the next, taking center stage only for brief moments before settling back into the groove brilliantly layed down by Rainey. The sax is the most prominent voice and demands to be heard throughout, the drums are relentless in style and pace, and the guitar is perfectly picked into articulated melodies that seem to work within the insanity. The songs continually fall apart, and then are instantaneously brought back into melody and rhythm, a style layed down from the get-go on Ce Sont les Noms des Mots. Rampe and Mr. Subliminal are probably the most accessible, and Plaintain Surgery mixes it up a bit with slicker production. Souls Saved Hear is a fine jazz album consisting of three established jazz musicians who are keeping the spirit of the original avant-garde jazz artists alive. Mpardaiolo