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Sounds Good Feels Good
Sounds Good Fells Good
Studio album by 5 Seconds of Summer
Released 23 October 2015
Recorded 2015
Genre Pop punk
Length 52:57
Label Capitol, Hi or Hey
Producer John Feldmann, The Monsters and the Strangerz, David Hodges, Mike Green

Sounds Good Feels Good is the second studio album by the Australian pop punk band, 5 Seconds of Summer. It was released worldwide by Capitol Records on 23 October 2015.[1]

Track listing Edit

Sounds Good Feels Good – Standard edition
No. TitleWriter(s)Producer(s) Length
1. "Money"  Ashton Irwin, Luke Hemmings, John FeldmannJohn Feldmann 2:54
2. "She's Kinda Hot"  Irwin, Michael Clifford, B. MaddenFeldmann 3:36
3. "Hey Everybody!"  Calum Hood, John Taylor, Andy Taylor, Roger TaylorThe Monsters & The Strangerz 3:16
4. "Permanent Vacation"  Hemmings, CliffordMike Green 3:25
5. "Jet Black Heart"  Clifford, HoodDavid Hodges 3:41
6. "Catch Fire"  Hemmings, Clifford, Alex GaskarthGreen 3:27
7. "Waste the Night"  Irwin, Hood, Hemmings, CliffordFeldmann 4:26
8. "Vapor"  Irwin, Hood, Hemmings, CliffordFeldmann 2:59
9. "Castaway"  Hood, HemmingsThe Monsters and the Strangerz, Feldmann 3:34
10. "Fly Away"  Hood, HemmingsFeldmann 3:32
11. "Invisible"  Irwin, Hood, Hemmings, CliffordFeldmann 3:32
12. "Airplanes"  Clifford, FeldmannFeldmann 3:38
13. "San Francisco"  Hood, Clifford, IrwinFeldmann 4:19
14. "Outer Space/Carry On"  Irwin, Hood, Hemmings, CliffordFeldmann 6:38
Total length:



  • Luke Hemmings - composer, guitar, lead vocals
  • Michael Clifford - composer, lead guitar, keys, vocals
  • Calum Hood - bass, composer, vocals
  • Ashton Irwin - composer, drums, keys, vocals
  • Bonnie McKee - composer, vocals
  • Sarah Hudson - composer, vocals
  • Steven Solomon - guitar
  • London Symphony Orchestra - strings[6]

Technical Personnel
  • John Feldmann – engineer, producer
  • Zakk Cervini – engineer
  • Matt Pauling - engineer, guitar arrangements
  • Michael Green - engineer, producer, programming
  • David Hodges - programming
  • Stefan Johnson - engineer
  • Nico Stadi - instrumentation, programming
  • Eric Valentine - mastering, mixing
  • Jo Charrington - A&R
  • Nick Raphael - A&R
Additional Personnel
  • Richard Andrews - art direction, design
  • Tom Van Schelven - photography
  • Dan Evans - Illustrations


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