Founded: 1969

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

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Sparks started in the late 1960s under the name "Halfnelson", and their debut LP was produced by Todd Rundgren. Unfortunately, it didn't go anywhere, as it wasn't promoted. However, following a reissue with a name change to "Sparks", the album did quite a bit better, having a couple of Almost-Hits. A few albums later, and a few more almost-hits later, Sparks were having much more success in the UK, so they moved to London for a time, doing their particular 1970s mixture of glam, rock, disco and, well, Sparksness. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, they hooked up with Giorgio Moroder for a bit of a more electropop/dance sound, with a bit more of a rock tinge. In most cases, their lyrical sense of humor was intact, although Pulling Rabbits Out Of A Hat pretty much dropped all that, and suffered as a result, no longer sounding like a Sparks album but just a good, but generic 1980s Pop record. Their output has slowed in the 1990s and beyond, but they're still going strong, putting out some of their strongest work, in a more electropop vein, with the excellent Balls and Li'l Beethoven.





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