Spirit was a rock band from California. The Group was founded in 1967 and consisted of guitarist Randy CaliforniaEd Cassidy, his stepfather drummer vocalist Jay Ferguson, bassist Mark Andes and keyboardistJohn Locke.


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For History[Edit]Edit

California, Ferguson and Andes in 1964 all played together in The Red Roosters, which also Mike Fondalier was part. The band performed regularly in the Ash Grove, a popular club of which Randy's uncle Ed Pearl owned it. Cassidy appeared In 1965 in image, an experienced jazz drummer who recently with Ry Cooder and Taj Mahal in the jazz band Rising Sons had played. Cassidy married Bernice Pearl, the mother of Randy. When Cassidy in 1966 with his wife and stepson to New York departs, it means the end of The Red Roosters. The other members go further as Western Union. Randy Craig Wolfe, then was called, played in New York a short time joined the band Tangerine Puppets, which at that time also Walter Becker (later one of the core members of Steely Dan) was a member, who later would explain many of Randy's guitar playing to have learned. Short time later hit Randy became friends with Jimmy James (later known as Jimi Hendrix) and joined his band Jimmy James and the Blue Flames. Jimmy called him from now on, Randy California, in distinction from the other Randy in the band that Randy Texas was called. When Jimmy asked to come to England with his band, the then 15-year-old Randy forbidden by his mother to go along.Shortly after the three returned back to Los Angeles. Now formed the band Spirits Revellious Cassidy and California, including keyboardist John Locke. Shortly after locks Andes (played in that short time Canned Heat ) and Ferguson joined the group. The band's name was shortened to Spirit.

Spirit 1[Edit]Edit

In the original cast were recorded four albums, of which the first three were produced by Lou Adler. The first, simply called, contains a Spirit before that unique combination of jazzrockblues and psychedelia. In reviews is the tasteful and understated guitar playing of California praised. On the second album, The Family that Plays Together, disappear into the background and becomes a more jazz influences the rock more prominent. In the United States , the Group has a hit with the song I Got a Line on You. The third album, Clear, is regarded as the most inconsistent of the four and includes a number of instrumental songs that were written for Jacques Demy's film The Model Shop. Although the album also contains some strong numbers, it becomes clear that musical differences begin to break up the group. Another album is included, this time produced by David BriggsTwelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus, that if the absolute masterpiece of the band is considered but is not a commercial success despite rave reviews. Jay Ferguson and Mark Andes left Spirit and Jo Jo Gunne focus on, a band that plays rock music and less complex has a hit with the song " Run, Run, Run. Then also get California out of the group.

Spirit did not only at the bottom of internal differences but also to disappointment about the lack of the big break. A missed opportunity was the Woodstock Festival, for which the group asked was. However, the management prefer a tour to promote Clear and turned down the offer off.

Cassidy and Locke continue under the name Spirit, together with the brothers Al and Chris Staehely with which the album Feedback will be included. It's not a bad record, but because the writing most songs Staehely's it does not sound as Spirit. This occupation is short-lived. The band eventually leave Cassidy and Locke; Cassidy is short time replaced by Cozy Powell. The Staehely brothers let fall the name Spirit.

Spirit 2[Edit]Edit

Spirit was re-established In 1975 by California and Cassidy; at high cost could the rights to use the name Spirit be redeemed by the Staehely's. The new Spirit is actually a new band with a largely new sound, in which the guitar plays the leading role and in which other band members come and go. In most occupations is now a Spirit power trio. The jazz influences of the original band lack in future. After a performance byTen Years After, for which Spirit is called off, the program would take care, action against a decision California lower entrance fee to pass off, but now when headlining. It was a great success, and from the proceeds could be paid double album Spirit of 76 , which was still in 1975 appeared. This double album is the best work of this new Spirit. On this album are fascination for the Urantia book from California. The plate also contains some strong covers, among other things of songs by Bob Dylan.

Spirit of 76 compared with Son of Spirit the successor is disappointing. In 1976, the original band, Ferguson saved but complemented with Matt Andes, back together and is Farther Along , another strong plate included. Later that year, on 28 August, the Spirit even in the original cast on. Neil Young during this action enters the stage at the invitation of Locke and then by an angry to be pushed off again Randy. This makes the reunion to an end and California and Cassidy continued. They bring in Future Games from 1977, probably one of the most remarkable records in the history of pop music. Some songs end up within seconds after they have started or be interrupted abruptly and are interspersed with audio clips from Star Trek. The album Potatoland, which California since 1974 worked only in 1981, is released in a highly stripped down form.

In 1984 follows a reunion of the full original band. The album Spirit of ' 84/The Thirteenth Dream contains mostly new versions of old songs and is also at the loyal fans not in the taste. Randy California is now working on a solo career and performs at the end of the 80 's with other guitar legends during the successful Night of the Guitar tour of Europe. Spurred on by this success indicative California Spirit again, in which he and Cassidy again only permanent members are. There is still a number of albums of varying quality in which blues more and more to the fore. The last regular album is California Blues, on which above all the vocals by Rachel Andes, daughter of Matt Andes, stands out, along with contributions by Robby Krieger and Spencer Davis. The canvas for Spirit is finally in 1997. California saves his son from drowning but itself disappears in the waves. Cassidy's attempts to continue as Spirit be Revisited by the mother of Randy, Cassidy's ex-wife, that the rights to the name Spirit possession, thwarted. Under the name Spirit appear after a few more CDs posthumously with especially solo recordings of California.


Although the band never has had great fame, Spirit has had a major influence on the work of other bands and artists. Some examples are:

  • Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven; the intro is copied from Taurus, an instrumental song by the first Spirit album
  • Pink - Feel Good Time; This number is largely a cover of Fresh Garbage, likewise from the first Spirit album

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