Squeeze is a British pop/rock band from London. The band has three periods of existence; from 1974 to 1982, from 1985 to 1999 and from 2007 to the present.

The original members were Chris Difford (guitar, vocals), Glenn Tilbrook (vocals, guitar), Jools Holland (piano), and Paul Gunn (drums). Then the occupation changed regularly.

Well-known singles were Cool for Cats (1979) and Labelled with Love.

East Side Story, probably the most successful album by Squeeze, was released in 1981 and was produced by Elvis Costello and Roger Bechirian. Replacement of Paul Carrack, Jools Holland, sang the hit itselfTempted before to resign.

In 1982, Squeeze lifted because the band members were said to new challenges. Three years later they came back together. Hourglass in 1987 was a hit.

In 1994, once more toured in the occupation of East Side Story.

In 2004, five years after the second break, did music channel VH-1 in 2004 trying unsuccessfully to get the original members back together.

Then came a reunion In 2007; Jools Holland did not participate because he was busy with his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra.

In 2012, it was announced that Squeeze is working on a new album that will appear in 2013.


Studio albums[Edit]Edit

  • 1978 U.K. Squeeze,
  • Cool for Cats1979
  • 1980 Argybargy,
  • East Side Story1981
  • Sweets From A Stranger1982
  • Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti1985
  • Babylon and On1987
  • Frank1989
  • Play1991
  • Some Fantastic Place1993
  • Ridiculous1995
  • Domino1998


  • Singles-45 's and Under (compilation), 1982
  • Classics, vol. 25 (compilation), 1987
  • A Round and a Bout (live), 1990
  • Greatest Hits (compilation), 1992
  • Piccadilly Collection (compilation), 1996
  • Excess Moderation (compilation), 1996
  • Six Of One ... (box set), 1997
  • Master Series (compilation), 1998
  • Live at the Royal Albert Hall (live), 1999
  • Up The Junction (compilation), 2000
  • Big Squeeze: The Very Best Of Squeeze (compilation), 2002

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