Artist: Gnarls Barkley

Date Released: May 9, 2006

Label: Downtown

Produced By: DJ Dangermouse


  1. Go-Go Gadget Gospel
  2. Crazy
  3. St. Elsewhere
  4. Gone Daddy Gone
  5. Smiley Faces
  6. The Boogie Monster
  7. Feng Shui
  8. Just A Thought
  9. Transformer
  10. Who Cares?
  11. Online
  12. Necromancer
  13. Storm Coming
  14. The Last Time


Being an avid Cee-Lo fan since his first nasal-soul choruses on Outkast’s Southernplaylisticadillacmuzick and a Dangermouse fan since his sorely overlooked collaboration with Jemini, I was sold on the very idea of Gnarls Barkley before I even heard the first sampled snare. After hearing their first insanely popular single, Crazy, I was ready to deem them the saviors of popular music. But the first time I heard the entire album, I was a bit disappointed. Now after multiple listens, I am beginning to realize the genius of simple hip-hop flavored pop tunes and the tenacity and replay value of a two-and-half minute flare of catchy hooks, dusty breaks and Cee-Lo’s multi-faced personalities. DM samples a barrage of late 60s European pop and lays down his always clever drum programming to once again create an amazingly catchy and effective backdrop for his emcee. Cee-Lo croons, raps, scats and growls from one octave to the next and keeps the subject matter unpredictable and fresh. This is an album that should not be over-scrutinized or read to deeply into; taken at face value, it’s one of the most enjoyable listens to come out in a long time. Mpardaiolo

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