Artist: Heartless Bastards

Date Released: February 22, 2005

Label: Fat Possum

Produced By:


  1. Gray
  2. Onions
  3. New Resolution
  4. My Maker
  5. Runnin
  6. Autonomy
  7. Pass and Fail
  8. The Willsong
  9. Swamp Song
  10. Done Got Old
  11. Piano Song
  12. Lazy


What does high school drop-out Erika Wennerstrom, janitor Mike Lamping and pizza deliveryman Kevin Vaughn have in common? The blues of course, what else could it really be? The latest from the amazing Fat Possum records is back home blues written and performed by the 27-year-old singer/guitarist/piano player Wennerstrom. Think a second-rate Black Keys with a sassy, deep-voiced front woman, not bad at all. The relatively young band has been gaining a lot of recognition lately by touring with similar, already established acts like the Black Keys, Drive-By Truckers, The Fiery Furnaces and White Magic. The music is decent, but nothing too outstanding. It definitely has a lot of promise though, and, most importantly, it sounds like real blues from people with real blues. So give it a try, if nothing, for Fat Possum. Mpardaiolo