Founded: 1926

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

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Stan Freberg is one of our nation's best satirists. He's had many singles and albums on Capitol records, and Rhino put out an extensive box-set of his work, including some unreleased singles. Stan Freberg is also a voice actor par excellence, having done many voices of Looney Tunes characters as well as Beany And Cecil with Bob Clampett. He's done a lot of writing and directing, and made many commercials, including being one of the creators of the now-popular type of Ironic Commercial that pokes fun at the Advertising Industry. He currently is doing some radio shows, and is perhaps working on either the second part of his autobiography (promised in 1988) or perhaps the third part of Stan Freberg Presnts The United States of America, promised in 1996, due out in 2026.





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