Artist: XTC

Album: Wasp Star, Homegrown

Appears On (Mixes): Please Don't Pull Me Out, This Is How I Would Want To Go: The Best Of XTC

Song Notes: This was originally intended for the aborted bubblegum project, where XTC would take various guises (similar to the psychedelica Dukes Of Stratosphear project). Unfortunately, their strike with Virgin happened (and they couldn't really interest the label in the project anyway), and interest waned, and so it looks like it won't happen. Oddly enough, Colin Moulding claims to not know what the term bubblegum meant outside of the stuff you chew, and so, wrote a song about Bazooka Joe. Luckily enough, it actually did turn out to be kinda bubblegum anyway. It's also outstanding, and on the album it's paired right up with "We're All Light", which is one of the best combos in record history. - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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