Artist: The Residents

Label: Ralph

Produced By: The Residents


  1. Hey Good Lookin'
  2. Six More Miles (To The Graveyard)
  3. Kaw-Liga
  4. Ramblin' Man
  5. Jambalaya
  6. Nobles Of The Mystic Shrine
  7. The Stars & Stripes Forever
  8. The Thunderer
  9. The Liberty Bell
  10. Semper Fidelis
  11. The Washington Post

Kaw-Liga EP:

  1. Poor Kaw-Liga's Pain
  2. Kaw-Liga Original Mix
  3. Kaw-Liga Single Mix
  4. Kaw-Liga Housey Mix
  5. Kaw-Liga Stripped Mix
  6. Kaw-Liga Nightmare Mix
  7. Kaw-Liga Horror Mix
  8. Kaw-Liga Prairie Mix
  9. Kaw-live-ga


The American Composer Series actually was a cool idea, and this album is much, much better than the first one. (Though it'd be hard not to be—though this album is actually good.) The first side is Hank Williams, Sr., and has perfect covers of "Jambalaya" -- taking a happy, upbeat song and turning it in to a swampy song about the death of the singer's beloved and the wake—and the really dancy "Kaw-Liga", which was another one of the Residents' dance floor hits (an EP actually came out of remixes by The KLF). The other side is John Philip Sousa (labeled "Sousa-Side", versus the "Hank Side"), and takes the form of a marching band performing the songs, with applause and crowd noise taken from the Residents' concerts. I prefer the Hank side, but the Sousaside is really good as well. It seems pretty clear that they learned from the misstep of George And James. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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