File:Starstrukk3 200.jpg
File:Starstrukk - 3OH!3 Feat. Katy Perry

Starstrukk has two music videos. The original was filmed in Los Angeles and showcase throngs of girls dressed in fluorescent wardrobe chasing 3OH!3, a large clothed orgy with construction workers, a marching band and copious amounts of whipped cream.

The second video included Katy Perry and was shot at the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum's Rose Garden in Exposition Park. It features 3OH!3 getting assaulted by a group of girls after stealing their coins from a wishing fountain. Scenes with Katy Perry singing are also intercut. The story in the video is related to When in Rome, in which several men fall in love with a woman who takes their coins from a wishing fountain in Rome.

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