Headquarters: Memphis, TN

Founded: 1959-1976

Founded by: Jim Stewart and Estelle Axton

Link: Stax Museum


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Stax, originally Satellite, was one of the biggest and most important labels in R&B and Soul music history. They were responsible for some of the biggest crossover hits of the genre, and had a distinctive sound, thanks to their top-notch session bands, The Mar-Keys and, later, Booker T & The MGs (both of which had solo successes as well). They launched many acts to stardom, including Sam & Dave, Wilson Pickett and Otis Redding, not to mention Issac Hayes, and many Stax artists were featured in Wattstax, a documentary/concert film. Stax had a R&B subsidiary, Volt, although the two labels are so intertwined, you never hear of "Volt" without "Stax" nearby.

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