Steady Not Static
by All the Dead Pilots
Released 2003
Label amBiguous CITY!


  1. Steady Not Static
  2. Empire State
  3. All the Dead Pilots
  4. Crossection
  5. Flamethrower
  6. Piano Song
  7. Small Like Mountains
  8. Sparkler
  9. Empty Lesson
  10. You're Last
  11. Untitled


Fugazi. Faulkner. Flamethrowers. All the elements for a masterpiece of modern music were there when I first popped in All the Dead Pilots' Steady Not Static. All seemed to be steadily (Get it?) adding up when suddenly, on the seventh track, it hit me: I wasn't listening to All the Dead Pilots. Or Fugazi. Or even old Bill Faulkner. I was inexplicably hearing Rival Schools' Everything Has Its Point. Bewildered, I checked the next track, and things were back to normal: Frank Black was playing Faulkner with Burning Airlines. Still, the ghost of Walter Schreifels looms larger over this album than Addie over the Bundren family.

Fugazi. Faulkner. Flamethrowers. And Walter Schreifels, the Fish. - Patrick Masterson