Steeleye Span is a British folk-rock band, formed in 1970 and still active, best known for his work with the numbers "Gaudete" and "All around my hat", was a hit that in about 1975. With Fairport Convention they are the best known exponents of the revival in folk music around 1970.


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The name comes from a character in the traditional song "Horkstow Grange" (that they only recordings when the album came out in 1998). In the song is a fight between John "Steeleye" Span and John Ball, which as far as we know have been neither existing persons. Bass Guitarist Tim Hart had this song to know just when the band was formed.

The band has played in many varying line-ups but still managed to retain a strong continuity. The main singer Maddy Prior was one of the recognizable sounds of the band, with a pervasive but musical voice. On most boards are a number of mostly traditional songs, accompanied by a few instrumental folk dance numbers like the horlepiep. They went especially in the beginning strongly out of traditional English and Celtic motifs. All their albums are also released on cd.

The band at its inception in 1970 from bass guitarist Ashley HutchingsTim Hart and Maddy Prior, his partner and the couple Terry (previously at Sweeney's Men, later also at The Pogues) and Gay Woods. At the time, it was unusual to have two singers. They are also in this composition never occurred, and after the first plate (Hark! The Village Wait (1970)) left the couple Woods again. In their place came Martin Carthy and Fiddler Peter Knight. Now was a more stable group which also gave concerts in the country on smaller stages and took up two plates, Please to See the King (1971) and Ten Man Mop, or Mr. Reservoir Butler Rides Again (1972).

The Group also continued in the decades afterwards active with several changes in the occupation.

In october 2009, the most recent studio album from Cogs, Wheels and Lovers . The present composition is Maddy Prior (vocals), Ken Nicol (guitar, vocals), Rick Kemp (bass, vocals), Peter Knight (violin, piano, vocals), and Liam Genockey (drums and percussion). There is old and later played Steeleye Span material.


reissues, compilations and live albums not included non-formal.

Studio albums
Hark! The Village Wait (1970)
Please to See the King (1971)
Ten Man Mop, or Mr. Reservoir Butler Rides Again (1972)
Below the Salt (1972)
Parcel of Rogues (1973)
Now We Are Six (1974)
Commoner's Crown(1975)
All Around My Hat (1975)
Rocket Cottage (1976)
Storm Force Ten (1977)
Sails of Silver (1980)
Back in Line (1986)
Tempted and Tried (1989)
Time (1996)
Horkstow Grange (1998)
Bedlam Born (2000)
Present--The Very Best of Steeleye Span (2002)
They Called Her Babylon (2004)
Winter (2004)
Bloody Men (2006)
Cogs, Wheels and Lovers (2009)
Live Albums
Live at Last (1978)
Tonight's the Night ...Live (1992)
The Collection: Steeleye Span in Concert (1994)
The Journey (1999)
Folk Rock Pioneers in Concert (2006)
Live at a Distance (2009)
Now We Are Six Again (2011)
Rave On/Reels/Female Drummer (1971)
Jigs and Reels (1972)
John Barleycorn /bride's Favourite/Tansey's Fancy (1972)
Gaudete /The Holly and The Ivy (1972)
The Market Harborough Jig (1974)
New York Girls/Two Magicians (1975)
All Around My Hat/Black Jack Davy (1975)
Rave On/False Knight On The Road (1976)
Hard Times of England/Cadgwith Anthem (1976)
London/Sligo Maid (1976)
Fighting For Strangers/The Market Harborough Jig (1976)
The boar's Head Carol/Gaudete/Some Rival (1977)
Rag Doll/Saucy Sailor (1978)
Sails of Silver/Senior Service (1980)
Gone To America/Let Her Go Down (1981)
Somewhere In London/Lanercost (1985)
Padstow/First House in Connaught/sailor's Bonnet (1989)
Following Me/Two Butchers (1989)
The Fox/Jack Hall (1990)
Classic Rock Legends (2002)
A Twentieth Anniversary Celebration (2003)
The 35th Anniversary World Tour 2004 (2005)
Live at a Distance (2009)

Radio 2 Top 2000[Edit]Edit

Number (s) with markings

in the Radio 2 Top 2000

' 99 ' 00 ' 01 ' 02 ' 03 ' 04 ' 05 ' 06 ' 07 ' 08 ' 09 ' 10 ' 11 ' 12 ' 13
All Around My Hat 1065 1242 751 1134 1403 1324 1441 1589 1650 1453 - - - - -

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