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Artist: The Young Fresh Fellows

Date Released: 1992

Label: Who Cares

Produced By: Scott McCaughey and Kurt Bloch?


  1. Stewed
  2. Something True

Review: I haven't actually heard the A-side of this one, but the b-side is kind of cool; sort of a put-on of a 1950s R&B ballad. I like it quite a bit, and I'd like to hear the a-side. Which I'm surprised I don't have, but there you go! I bet it's probably pretty cool, too. This came with some vinyl copies of It's Low Beat Time. But I don't have that one on vinyl, and the one copy I saw on vinyl didn't have this single in it. So, uh, yeah. It's cool, but not the coolest thing in the world -- at least the B-side is, anyway. I don't know, maybe the A-side is, like, god mashed up and put on a stamper and made into a 45. I dunno. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

Review: I have the vinyl single. The A-side ("Stewed") is an instrumental, in the vein of Stax Records a la Booker T & The MGs and the Bar-Kays. It has a pumping organ and loud guitars. --Scotty Upton

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