Artist: The Young Fresh Fellows & Mutant Monster Beach Party

Date Released: November 1993

Label: 1 + 2 Records

Produced By: Neil Innes


  1. Stop Breathing (You're Foggin' Up My Mind)
  2. Beautiful Song


I have no idea who The Mutant Monster Beach Party are, but they've got an awesome name. Also, according to the sleeve, the title track is actually "Stop Breating (You're Fogging Up My Mind)", but I figure I may as well fix the typo, particularly since this song's popped up elsewhere. It's a cool rockin' number, but I'm just really surprised that it was produced by Neil Innes. It's just weird how it seems that a lot of my favorite bands are connected... and if I had to guess, the idea between a Bonzo Dog Band and Young Fresh Fellows connection? Outside of possibly the Young Fresh Fellows being Bonzo Dog Band fans (and I'm not even sure if they are), I wouldn't have expected that in a million years. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

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