Stop The Cavalry is a 1980 song written and performed by Jona Lewie. In the UK Singles Chart , the single in december 1980 the third place. Spot In the Netherlands was number 9 in the Dutch Top 40. The song regularly in various Christmas and new year hit lists, such as the Radio 2 Top 2000.

The song is now especially if seen smash hit (something where among other things the chorus, in which brass instruments have contributed, to a prominent role), but was not composed for this purpose. Actually the song is a protest song against wars. It contains only one line with a reference to ChristmasWish I was at home for Christmas.

The video clip of the song is set in the trenches of the first world war. The lyrics of the song refers to, among others, Winston Churchill, who fought in the first world war, but also to a nuclear war.

Apart from the version of Jona Lewie, there is also a version of the song recorded by the Welsh male choir Gwalia Singers in collaboration with the Cory Band. This version of Stop the Cavalry is especially popular in the United States. Both versions of Stop the Cavalry are currently owned by Union Square Music Licensing.

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