Stormy Weather is a 1933 jazz standard , written by Harold Arlen (music) and Ted Koehler (text). It was performed by countless musicians, the first time by Ethel Waterswith Duke Ellington 's Orchestra in the Cotton Club in Harlem. It's a sad song about the separation from a loved one.

Arlen and Koehler worked at that time in the Cotton Club, where she wrote songs for two shows a year. The song was written in less than 30 minutes for singer and bandleader Cab Calloway. However, this turned out not to play that year in the revue, his place would be taken by the Ellington band. Looking for someone who could sing they found Ethel Waters who just had returned to New York. Her recording of the song, in 1933, was in 2003 included in the Grammy Hall of Fame . But it was not the first recording: Arlen sang it itself with Leo Reisman 's Orchestra, and this recording was the biggest hit.

Afterwards, many have the song performed and on plate. Some names:

  • The Dorsey Brothers with Ethel Waters as a singer (1933)
  • Duke Ellington took an instrumental version and a version with vocalist Ivie Anderson (1933).
  • Lena Horne took it up to five times on. Her version was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2000. They also sang the song in the 1943 film of the same name.
  • Frank Sinatra has put on the plate it three times, including in the autumnal album ' No One Cares ' (1959)
  • Ella Fitzgerald's version can be found at ' Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Harold Arlen Songbook '
  • Billie Holiday recorded the song in 1952 on
  • Judy Garland recorded it in the studio and a live version on ' Judy at Carnegie Hall '
  • Django Reinhardt also made a recording, can be found at ' Keep Cool: Guitar Solos (1950-1953) '
  • Toots Thielemans took it on with Oleta Adams (on the album ' One More for the Road ', 2006)

In January 2011 popped the handwritten lyrics of the song on in the American version of the ' Antiques Roadshow ' and was there, with a painting by Koehler, appraised at a value of 50,000 to 100,000 dollars.

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