Story of a Lonely Guy
Single by b-Rabbit
Released April 6, 2013 (see release history)
Recorded April 2013
Genre Hip-hop
Language English
Label BranFlakes
Producer Omito
b-Rabbit Singles chronology
Broken Hearts (Album Version) (2013) Story of a Lonely Guy (2013) #PRAYforBOSTON (2013)

Story of a Lonely Guy is a song by American hip-hop artist </span>b-Rabbit> which was released as the second official single off of </span>Trials & Tribulations on April 13, 2013 at midnight. The song was written shortly after b-Rabbit got into a fight with his at-the-time girlfriend which eventually led to them breaking up and sent the rapper into a minor state of depression.


In March 2013, b-Rabbit got into a fight with his girlfriend following a high school basketball game which, eventually, led to them breaking up and leaving the rapper in a state of depression. After multiple days of talking with a mutual friend, b-Rabbit regained some positivity and decided to put his feelings into a song which grew into "Story of a Lonely Guy."

Music videoEdit

The official music video was released on YouTube on April 6, 2013 at midnight and was directed by Angelino Tuksar. The video is an artistic film that was purposely left open to interpretation. The video features a spoken into and outro not featured on the album or single version of the song and also features censored lyrics.

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Story of a Lonely Guy"  Brandon Waugh, Harry Nilsson Omito 4:18

Release historyEdit

Country Date Label Format
Flag of the United States United States April 6, 2013 BranFlakes Records Music video
April 13, 2013 Digital download

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