Artist: Augie March

Date Released: November 26, 2002

Label: BMG Australia/spinART

Produced By:


  1. The Vineyard
  2. This Train Will Be Taking No Passengers
  3. Little Wonder
  4. The Night is a Blackbird
  5. O Mi Sol Li Lon
  6. Song in the Key of Chance
  7. Up the Hill and Down
  8. There's Something at the Bottom of the Black Pool
  9. Addle Brains
  10. The Keepa
  11. The Drowning Dream
  12. Sunstroke House
  13. Brundisium
  14. O Song


While living in America, you sometimes wrongly think that you are in the center of the world; and that, especially in the music industry, everything worth knowing will naturally come to the U.S. and have an impact. Well, Melbourne’s Augie March is direct proof that this is not true. Initially released during 2002 in Australia, Strange Bird did quite well in its home country, but for some reason, never reached the manipulated and jaded ears of the American listener (at least not mine). Lying somewhere between Bright Eyes and The Beatles, or Brian Wilson and The Flaming Lips, this album is 14 tracks of beautiful and inspiring folk tales that are as well written lyrically as musically. Singer-Guitarist Glenn Richards’ elegant prose dances delicately on top of chiming, folk-tinged guitars, swirling brass, and mellow piano lines that sound like they were recorded 40 years ago on an original, vintage sound board. Every song is amazing so take your choice, whether it is the boistorous gallop of This Train Will Be Taking No Passengers, #2, the yearning Little Wonder, #3, the heavy chants of Song in the Key of Chance, #6, or the climactic Brundisium, #13. This is unaltered musical bliss that is what indie-rock strives to accomplish with every release. Mpardaiolo