Artist: Scientific American

Date Released: December 14, 2004

Label: Mush

Produced By:


  1. When It Was Ever Everything
  2. Strong for the Future
  3. Drift in Place
  4. Victory Hold Still
  5. Between Urban Movements
  6. Four Hour Window
  7. Your Utopia
  8. Million Lines (Slow Fade)
  9. The Seas are the Skies
  10. We All Are Already Are


Before becoming interested in using his computer as his primary instrument, sound designer Andrew Rohrmann, aka Scientific American, had already established himself in the Seattle indie-rock scene with his band, Hush Harbor. Going solo and being able to experiment with elements of electronica, hip-hop and rock completely opened up a whole new world of musical landscapes. While Strong for the Future is his first full length album, Rohrmann has already released a highly regarded mixtape series, remixes for Modest Mouse, among other indie-rock bands, produced music for the Seattle Art Museum, Volkswagen, Discover and Hewlett Packard, and shared the stage with the likes of Four Tet, Boom Bip and Manitoba. The music on the album definitely stands up to his résumé; a slick combination of IDM, electronica, dance, hip-hop and just a touch of jazz. The record flows through broken musical landscapes with the help of his perfect production and impeccable timing much on the same level as Squarepusher’s Ultravisitor. This is a definite listen for anyone interested in experimental or electronic music. Mpardaiolo

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