Artist: AJG

Date Released: May 1, 2007

Label: NGRC Productions & SB Records

Produced By: AJG


The 1st solo mixtape from AJG.

It was a very "okay" mixtape. It recieved good feedback and wasn't criticize too much.

"I listen to it and I'm thinking it's kinda wack, but I cant figure out how I got more than 500 copies out of this right here haha! Ya know your doin' somethin' when you do some wack sh*t and pull out 500 copies!" - AJG

Track listingEdit

# Title Producer(s) Feature Artist(s)
1 "Tha N-Tro: It's Datt AJG Mann!!!" LP Productions
2 "Ridin' Tha Bass Drum" RB$ Productions
3 "Imma Stunna" RB$ Productions Raheem
4 "Got Beef?" HardKore Rap Beats 2pac & The Notorious B.I.G.
5 "Stuntin' Iza Habbett" RB$ Productions Yung Joc
6 "Ridin' Reel Slo" LP Productions
7 "Listen (Lyrical Game Shit)" Addiktz Records
8 "Paper N Hate" RB$ Productions Nas, DMX & Chamillionaire
9 "I'm Sorry" LP Productions Raheem
10 "On A Positive Note" Soul Theory Productions
11 "The Rain" 9th Wonder
12 "Outtro: It's Over" ProFound Beatz
13 "Stuntin' Iza Habbett (Pass Tha Mic RMX)" RB$ Productions Raheem, K.O., Exampl, The Young'N, Yung-3Z, Black Ice, Espanto & Yung Joc

Cut TrackzEdit

There was quite a bit of songs cut from the project either because they werent seen better than the others or were uncompleted. Some of those songs were:

  • Guess Who's Back (produced by RB$)
  • We N Tha Club feat. Raheem (produced by RB$)
  • We N Tha Club feat. Raheem & Tha Young'N (produced by RB$)
  • Club Shit feat. Black Ice & CLB (produced by Real King Kong)
  • Stuntin' Iza Habbett -skit-
  • Dew Wat It Dew feat. Raheem (produced by RB$)
  • Interlude
  • Tha Bloc Iz Hott feat. Exampl (produced by Ansane)
  • Take 'Em Bak 2 Dat Ol' Skool (produced by Mister K.A.)
  • Runnin' Dis Shit (produced by VTZ)
  • Got Me Goin' Down feat. Raheem (produced by Exampl)
  • Goin' Out Witta Bang (produced by RB$)

Previous ReleaseEdit

Rough Draft: Tha West-Sound

Next ReleaseEdit

Show Me My Opponent

Further readingEdit


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