Artist: Rough Draft/AJG

Date Released: 03-23-07

Label: SB Records NGRC Productions

Produced By: Exampl


A CD single released from to promote Rough Draft: Tha West-Sound and AJG's Stuntin' Iza Habbett.

Original TracklistingEdit

  1. Stuntin' Iza Habbett
  2. Tha West-Sound
  3. Stuntin' Iza Habbett (Inst.)
  4. Bigg Bigg Kidd RMX
  5. Stuntin' Iza Habbett (Acapella)


  1. Stuntin' Iza Habbett
  2. Tha West-Sound
  3. Bigg Bigg Kidd RMX

Previous CD SingleEdit

Tha West-Sound/Been Around

Next CD SingleEdit

Stuntin' Iza Habbett (CD Single)

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