Sturm und Drang are a five-member heavy metal band with power metal and hard rock influences from Vaasa, Finland. Sturm und Drang have released two studio albums and toured places like Europe, Scandinavia and Japan. The band has sold over 200,000 records.

Bio Edit

The band started in 2004 when André Linman and Henrik Kurkiala were on their way home from a Judas Priest concert. The name for the band was suggested by Henrik's father. Shortly afterwards Jesper Welroos and Calle Fahllund joined the band, and they had their first practice in Calle's basement. A few weeks later they performed in their first concert. Later they realized that they needed one more guitar player, and Alexander Ivars became their fifth member. The band got more gigs and played at Stafettkarnevalen 2004 in Vaasa, also making a cover of Dio's Rainbow In The Dark. In 2007, they already played as the headline on Stafettkarnevalen.

André, Jesper, Calle, Alexander and Henrik belong to the minority of Swedish-speaking Finns. When their first album was published in 2007, the boys were only 15-16 years old.

Record deal Edit

In 2005 they made the demo Rising Son which they sent to Helsinki Music Company. The boss for HMC, Asko Kallonen, who had not taken them seriously, changed opinion after hearing them play live with the Swedish garage rock band The Hellacopters. He gave the band their record deal, and shortly afterwards they started to record their first album, Learning To Rock. In 2007 they also got a new record company, GUN Records, which will release their debut album in the whole of Europe except for Scandinavia.

After the 30 May release of their album in Finland, Learning to Rock climbed to number three on the official chart of record sales in Finland 1.

Members Edit

  • André Linman (Guitar, Vocals)
  • Jesper Welroos (Keyboard)
  • Calle Fahllund (Drums)
  • Alexander Ivars (Guitar)
  • Henrik Kurkiala (Bass, Background vocal)

Discography Edit

Albums Edit

Singles Edit

  • Rising Son (2007)
  • Forever (2007) (radio promo)
  • Indian (2007) (radio promo)
  • Broken (2008)
  • Break Away (2008) (radio promo)
  • A Million Nights (2008)

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