Founded: 2001

Headquarters: Oakland, California

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Subtle, a collaboration between Doseone, Anticon labelmate Jel, Dax Pierson, Marty Dowers, Jordan Dalrymple and Alexander Kort, lies somewhere between the free rap of Themselves (Doseone, Jel and Dax) and their more ethereal pop-inspired collaboration with The Notwist, 13 & God. Not quite falling on either side of the spectrum, Subtle rides an unexplored sound wave between chamber pop and avant-hop, all with an impovisation vibe throughout. Doseone spits prose with the speed of an overly-caffeinated auctioneer, while the other band members, strapped at any one time with electronic and kit drums, three keyboards, three samplers, guitar, melodica, electric cello, tenor sax, bass clarinet and trumpet, paint the equivalent of postmodern abstractionism, a sort of skewed refinement. The music is chopped and re-re-re-sampled, but on final listen, it has a very fluid, sweeping sound to it, consistently moving and never settling on a particular routine. The group released 4 EPs, Fall, Winter, Summer and Spring, before their first proper full-length, A New White, which was released by the budding WARP imprint, Lex, in 2004.

In February 2005 while touring, the van Subtle was riding in had a serious accident. Thankfully no one was killed, but it did sadly leave band member Dax Pierson a quadriplegic. For more on his situation please visit his personal website.





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