"Sugar" is a song by the American alternative metal band System of a Down. It was released as a single and EP in 1998 and was taken from their self-titled debut album. The track's intense sound and edgy lyrics typify the group's style. All live tracks featured on this release were recorded in New York.

"Sugar" is one of System of a Down's first songs, having initially appeared on their first official demo tape. This song has been played at most System of a Down concerts.

Music VideoEdit

The music video for Sugar shows the band playing on a stage, with an American flag (which, throughout the song, burns away), intercut with images of public violence, hangings, armies, nuclear footage of the Upshot-Knothole Grable and footage from the German film Metropolis.

The video begins with a reenactment from the movie Network of a newsreporter saying:

"Good evening, I'm Eric Olas. NATO forces bomb Serbia and Kosovo. An unidentified man is being held for questioning by the FBI for suspected links to last month's biological virus deaths. In local news, a dog named Hero takes the grand prize at the annual- I wish I could tell you more pertinent news, but we're in a rating system here, and the key factor is 'sensationalism'. They've got you running in circles, 9 to 5, *static, then TV image resets* and 5 to 9... you're mine! I tell you what they want you to know, and you consider it the truth. Nobody is opening their eyes! Our global economy is depleting the world of our lives and natural resources! AND ARE YOU HAPPY?! COME ON! I WORK FOR THE SYSTEM!"
It then cuts to the band. The band are dressed oddly. Tankian and Malakian are seen with their faces painted throughout the entire video, drummer John Dolmayan is seen, though very briefly, wearing a gas mask, and bassist Odadjian is seen with a red braided beard and face paint also.

Also, when you hear him say, "I'm Eric Olas," it sounds like he is saying "America Lost", which is something that they are trying to point out in the song.

It is also noticed that a television screen is shown flickering with the words 'Aspartame Kills!', possibly referring to the song's name.

Due to the controversial nature of the video, it received little airplay. Channels such as Kerrang!TV were restricted to showing the video after the 10pm watershed.



Maxi Single Cover

Maxi SingleEdit

# Title Length
1 Sugar 2:33
2 Sugar (Clean) 2:33
Sugar - FRONT

7" Single Cover

7" SingleEdit

# Title Length
1 Sugar 2:34
2 War? (Live) 2:47
PROMO CD - Sugar200px

Promo CD Cover

Promo CDEdit

# Title Length
1 Sugar (Live) 2:28
2 Suite-Pee (Live) 2:47

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