Artist: The Lightning Seeds

Album: Dizzy Heights

Appears On (Mixes): Thirteen Ugly Children Roll Gutterballs, Dub Club: Matt's 2005 Best Of -- Streets Named For New England Trees

Song Notes: Thirteen Ugly Children Roll Gutterballs: This is just one of those utterly perfect pop songs, along the lines of "I Wonder What She's Doing Tonite" by Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart. In fact, when I played this song for my mother, she mentioned Boyce & Hart immediately. The Lightning Seeds is Ian Broudie, a producer known for his work with Echo & The Bunnymen, Wall of Voodoo, The Fall and his frequent writing partner Terry Hall (of The Specials, Fun Boy Three and Colourfield). For the first couple records, The Lightning Seeds were just him, though he'd put together a touring band, and Dizzy Heights was recorded with this band. This is my favorite Lightning Seeds song, but they've got some other really great ones, too, like "The Life of Riley" or their cover of the Turtles' "You Showed Me". This song is co-written by Stephen Jones from Babybird. - Rev. Syung Myung Me

Dub Club: Matt's 2005 Best Of -- Streets Named For New England Trees: Speaking of great pop songs, this is one of my all-time favorite pop songs. The strange thing is that it's co-written by the guy from Babybird who are really, really awful, at least from the songs I've heard. (Their single "You're Beautiful" comes to mind—eech!) So, perhaps he got hit in the head before helping Ian Broudie write this one? Or, perhaps Ian Broudie just wrote this one and put the other guy's name on it out of pity? Either way, though, this song is outstanding. Just mindblowingly so. My mother said it reminds her of Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart, and I can hear that a bit, too. And Boyce & Hart are excellent, so… - Rev. Syung Myung Me


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