Suit-Suit...He..He (Gadis Sexy)
Slank 001
Studio album by Slank
Released December 1990
Recorded 1990 at Jackson Studio, Pluit
Genre Rock, Pop
Label Proyek 'Q', ProGram
Producer Boedi Soesatio
Slank chronology
Suit suit...hehehe Kampungan

Suit suit...hehehe is Slank first album released in December 1990.

Track ListEdit

  1. Suit-Suit…He-He (Gadis Sexy)
  2. Memang
  3. Maafkan
  4. Apatis Blues
  5. American Style
  6. Aku Gila
  7. Kalah
  8. Bocah
  9. Karang
  10. ‘Ladies Night’ di Ebony


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